Manage your SMSF (self managed superannuation fund) with the help of specialist SMSF accountants.

SMSF Returns beat Industry funds

From 2010 to 2014, returns achieved from self managed superannuation funds achieved 12.5% compared to 9.65% for industry funds. There is growing evidence that stable property returns and the lower costs of SMSFs are fuelling higher returns. Further growth in SMSFs is predicted over the coming decade as employees and...

Take Control of Your Super

A self managed superannuation fund, or SMSF, gives you control over your superannuation funds to invest in the manner you choose. There are rules as to where and in what you may invest your self managed super fund but these are practical and in your best interests. Self managed super...

SMSF Setup

It costs only $200 to set up a self managed super fund or SMSF and takes only a day. Contact our specialist accountants on 1300 629 454.


Self managed superannuation funds must prepare financial statements, be audited and file an annual return with the ATO each year. Our fee for these annual administration tasks is only $750 per annum.

Investing SMSF funds

We do not limit the type of asset you can invest in, other than what is prohibited by superannuation laws. A Self managed superannuation fund can invest in residential and commercial property, shares and other asset classes. The overriding requirement is that investments must be on an arms lengths basis ie on normal commercial terms.

Trustee Obligations

Every self managed superannuation fund must have a trustee. Each member of the SMSF must be a trustee. The trustee administers the self managed super fund in accordance  with superannuation legislation. There are rules on contribution and withdrawal levels depending on your age. Our clients receive free advice from experienced accountants.

Pension Mode SMSF

A member can receive an income from their SMSF at the age of 55 if employed on a part time basis. Once you reach retirement age, a SMSF can transfer to pension mode. Withdrawals from your superannuation fund can be managed to achieve the best ta outcome.

Self Managed Super Fund for a family

There can be no more than 4 members in a self managed super fund. Many families pool their funds to purchase property within  a SMSF. When assets are pooled by members the administration fees are shared over the 4 members and it is a lot cheaper than paying fees on 4 different employer or industry funds.

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