Compliant Setup

There are strict laws which regulate how a SMSF or self managed superannuation fund needs to be set up. The penalties for a non-compliant set up are onerous. Our accountants will establish your self managed super fund to in accordance with the current legislation.

The fees for setting up a self managed superannuation fund is $200. It is a once only cost.

We can also manage the administration of your self managed superannuation fund. A SMSF must have accounts and a tax return prepared and audited each year. We can have this done for a fee of $750 per annum.

Standard Self Managed Superannuation Fund Setup

A standard set up for a self managed super fund set up is to adopt the members as trustees. This is a simple set up in which all the members control the fund and as a group hold the assets. Cost $220


If you want to borrow money to purchase a property you will need to set up a corporate trustee to satisfy bank requirements. Cost $800. You will also need to set up a Bare Trust to hold the property whilst there is a mortgage. Cost $880.